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What an amazing experience ... something we will never forget! The staff are super friendly and the trainers very helpful and informative. And then the dolphins ... what can one say, such beautiful, gentle creatures. This is a must do for anyone visiting Bali.

Mrs. Linette Cox | South Africa | 18 July 2012

We booked through EKy and came in June 2012 picked up on time the facilities where excellent staff very friendly. We had such a lovely time our dolphin was Dino. The dolphins were very well cared for. Our daughter has booked for when she comes to Bali in November 2012.

Mrs. Sharon Nott | Australia | 03 July 2012

In Oct 2011 our group of 16 women shared he amazing experience of meeting, touching and getting to know these beautiful dolphins. Sme of the group could not swim but they were able to thoroughly enjoy themselves. There was someone to take photos with our camera, which was wonderful and we got some of the most amazing photographs. This experience has become the highlight of the ladies tours and I will definitely be bringing the next group here. These dolphins did not appear stressed, they seemed to be very well cared for, they were not aggressive but beautiful gentle creatures. An experience you will remember for life.

Mrs. Reggett | Australia | 17 January 2012

Thanks for the great experience. Many kisses for Ricky and for his instructor. I hope to return soon for another fantastic day. ROMANIA va iubeste ! (Romania loves you !)

Mrs. Francisca | Romania | 17 October 2011

A truly amazing experience! The dolphin we met (Ricky) was so clever, athletic and friendly - we couldnt believe how affectionate he was. The dolphins seem to be very well loved and cared for, and Ricky's trainer knew his character and personality very well indeed. He answered all of our questions about Ricky, and about dolphins in general, giving us so much information. The other staff are superb too - managing to juggle 4 or 5 cameras and still capture brilliant photos and videos that we'll treasure forever. The whole experience was fantastic, and every detail is taken care of from pick up to drop off. If you are in Bali and have the chance, don't miss this exeperience!

Mr. Nick | United Kingdom | 6 September 2011

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