The Experience

Meet our Dolphins, the Stars of the Experience

Ricky – Veda – Triton – Marco – Ardan – Apollo – Rose – Pluto – Jasmine – Nemo
They will take good care of you!

They will make you tingle with excitement!

It is our ambition to promote a better awareness of marine mammals and their intricate underwater world. In order to do this, we have specifically developed our Dolphin Encounter programs, through the educational and interaction portions of this experience, so you will gain a deeper understanding of marine mammals and enjoy a special closeness with them. These friendly mammals will amaze you with their intelligence, physical ability and gentleness. You’ll spend 40 minutes in our specially designed dolphin enclosure, where you’ll have the chance to experience the thrill of up-close and personal contact through petting, hugging, kissing and playing with a dolphin! The close contact sessions are probably one of the best experiences you will ever have.

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

Since group sizes are limited and kept to minimum to ensure quality time with the dolphins, it is essential to pre-book your place well in advance.